🚨BREAKING — Dr. John Campbell Called For An End To COVID Vaccines FULL VIDEO

Help Dr. John Campbell get his message out

Dec 29, 2022

Dr. John Campbell finally spoke out. He said the data implicated too many safety issues were associated with mRNA vaccines. A once ardent proponent of mRNA jabs finally called for an end to them.

Why have you not heard about this? Why have you not seen a video about this posted on Dr. Campbell’s YouTube channel? Succinctly put, like many others, he was afraid of being de-platformed for speaking the truth so he posted his tell-all video on another platform in hopes it would gain some viewership. It didn’t.

Included in this publication is Dr. John Campbell’s video where he called for an end to COVID-19 vaccines.

Let’s all do Dr. John Campbell a favor and make this video go viral. Please share this with everyone you know so the truth gets out.

The tide is turning.




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