Jerry Nadler Says COVID-19 Vaccines Should Be Mandated For ALL Children 12+ To Return To School Because They 100% Prevent Death.


Congressmen Jerry Nadler announced that he supports COVID-19 vaccinating all kids aged 12 and older in order to return to school this fall because they 100% prevent death. Do not vote for him.

Just so it is clear, there is no data to show COVID vaccines prevent death in children from mainly mild symptom inducing BA5. So, we cannot continue to elect people who are incompetent and therefore perpetuate a fallacy that old mRNA technology against the 1st Wuhan strain is effective against a completely mutated virus.

All and all, it is unwise to vote for incompetent politicians who will push non-scientific public health policy. Nonetheless, share this with everyone you know so the truth gets out fast.


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