James is an RN, FN, and CPT with a strong background in medicine, patient care, research, statistics, nutrition, and exercise science. He helps people in 2 major ways. First, James aids in healing individuals who feel the medical system has failed them. Said differently, with medicine as a forte, both personal expertise, and experience are utilized to remedy people’s suffering from chronic disease that they or their medical professionals have been unsuccessful at treating. Namely, nutrition, research, exercise, and nutraceuticals are combined in specifically tailored wellness plans created for clients which help nurse them back to good health- no matter the age. It is important to note that most clients utilize these services as an adjuvant to existing treatments. The good news, if you’re tired, gaining weight, depressed, anxious, suffering from chronic pain, or chronic disease, there may be assistance for you here. That is because James understands the only true way to ameliorate most symptoms is by taking a whole-body approach to health. Now, let’s talk about the second way he helps people. He produces free educational content which is posted online. For instance, weekly educational videos are posted to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram about health, trending medical news, and nutrition. Also, weekly medical publications about trending medical topics can be found on his subscription-based platform. All and all, James breaks down complex medical, and nutritional subject matter into easily digestible content for prospective learners. To sum things up, whether he’s directly assisting clients, or releasing educational content, James strives to teach and heal.


Health by James
Licensed RN, FN, CPT, medical researcher and expert on nutritional health